Thursday, November 8, 2012

Newspaper Coverage


Philadelphia Daily News: November 21, 2011: "Sports Bar Roll Call" [Features]

South Philly Review: July 1, 2010: "Taking Flight" [Food & Drink]

Daily News: June 16, 2010: Dan Gross: Buyers for the Khyber? [Yo! Features]

City Paper: May 12, 2010: Amorosi on the news, nightlife, gossip and bitchiness beats [Ice Pack]

Philadelphia Daily News: April 5, 2010: “Jesse James’ Mistress is Coming” [Dan About Town]

City Suburban News: March 3, 2010: “Out and About: Upcoming Food & Entertainment”

Philadelphia Weekly: Feb 23, 2010: “Best Sports Bar Food to Make the Pain Go Away”

Philadelphia Daily News: Feb 17, 2010: “No More Celebrity Boxing?” [Dan About Town]

Weekly Press: Feb 17, 2010: “Philly Dines Out: A Mini-Menu of the Philly Restaurant Scene”

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